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Q.  I've never been to a drive-in before. What should I bring?
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket/Jacket
  • Portable chairs (if you wish to sit outside of your vehicle)
  • Portable FM radio (if you wish to sit outside of your vehicle)
  • Bug-Spray or Mosquito Coils (also sold at concessions)

Q.  Are you open when it rains?

  • Yes - rain or shine! You can still watch the movie in the rain and you can
    avoid the crowds!

Q.  How does the parking work at your drive-in?

  • General Admission Parking is limited and available on a first-come,
    first-served basis. You may not "hold" a spot for a friend. If someone else
    wants it and there is not already a vehicle in it, they can have it. (FYI...
    We offer a reservation service for $10 per vehicle which can ensure that
    "groups" can park together).
  • We have installed white PVC posts to ensure even spacing of vehicles. There
    is enough room for 2 vehicles to park between each set of poles. You may be
    asked to move over if you have not allowed enough room for another vehicle
    to park next to you.
  • Where you park depends on the height of the vehicle you bring to the
  • Short vehicles up to 5' can park anywhere, but we recommend you park in
    the front rows nearest the big screen marked with YELLOW-topped poles
    Medium sized vehicles over 5' but less than 6' tall can park in the
    middle or back of the lot next to a pole topped with either BLUE or RED
    Tall vehicles 6' or more must park in the back of the lot next to a
    RED-topped pole to ensure you do not block the view of others in smaller
    vehicles. Don't worry -- you will be able to see just fine!
    We reserve the right to direct you where to park your vehicle. You may be
    asked to move your vehicle if you are blocking the view of others due to the
    size of your vehicle.

Q.  Are children allowed to sit on top of vehicles to view the movies?

  • Yes -- but you must park in the back of the lot such that the children are
    not blocking the view of others behind you. Of course, you are responsible
    for the health and safety of your children at any of our drive-in theaters.

Q.  How does this "reserved spot" thing work?

  • You can go ON-LINE and pre-pay $10 per vehicle plus the cost of tickets to
    reserve a parking spot for the double-feature of your choice. Reservations
    are taken until 5pm on the date of the show. The ON-LINE system is safe and
    secure; we accept credit cards online. It's easy!
  • You will need to know the height of the vehicle you will be driving to the
    theater because parking is based on the height of your vehicle. See the FAQ
  • You will see a map of the drive-in and the parking spots available for
    reservation based on the size of your vehicle. Once you reserve the parking
    spot, no one else can reserve it!
  • Parking spots are assigned based on the order in which the reservations are
    taken. The earlier you make your reservation, the better spot you will get!
  • When you arrive at the drive-in for the movies, tell the attendant you have
    a reserved spot. You will be given the tickets for which you prepaid and a
    map to your parking spot with a unique identification number! A sign with
    the matching identification number will be stuck in the ground to save your
    spot for you.
  • You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled Showtime to claim
    your reservation.

Q.  I drive a mini-van. Can I back it into a spot and put the hatch up to
watch the movies?

  • Yes! If your rear hatch extends above the top of your vehicle when opened,
    you may be provided a length of twine and asked to pull your hatch down so
    those behind you can see. Let's follow the GOLDEN RULE at the drive-in and
    do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Please don't get angry if
    asked to do this because you would be thankful if you were the one who could
    not see over someone else's raised hatch. ;-)

Q.  Can I move to the other screen to watch the other double feature instead
of the one I purchased the ticket for?

  • Sorry, but no. The ticket you purchased is essentially a "license" to watch
    the movies paired for that double feature. You don't have to stay to watch
    the 2nd movie you paid to watch, but if you want to watch the 2nd feature on
    the other screen, you must purchase another ticket to have the right (i.e.,
    license) to watch it. These are movie studio rules, not ours. We are simply
    enforcing their rules to ensure they continue sending us GREAT movies for
    you to enjoy!

Q.  What is there to do while we wait for the movie?

  • We offer numerous games that are fun for the whole family! These games are
    free of charge. Simply "check out" the equipment from "Concession Central"
    by giving a driver's license (or other ID) as a refundable "deposit".
  • Putt Putt Golf
    Sand Volleyball (available in LC)
    Corn Hole
    Hillbilly Golf
    Bocce Ball (available in LC)

Q.  May I bring...?

  • A dog? Yes, on a leash.
    A portable grill and/or cooler? Yes, with $5 outside food fee permit,
    sold at the front gate. Please respect our property; no grilling with open
    flames permitted directly on the ground.
    Alcoholic beverages? No.
    More than one car-full of Family & Friends? Of course!

Q.  What if I only want to see the 2nd feature?

  • That's O.K. Be sure to show up in time for the 2nd feature. Yes, you will
    still pay the regular admission price.
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